In accordance with the policies and regulations of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and the IHM Athletic Commission, the goal of the IHM/CYO athletic program is to provide the opportunity for athletic competition to every interested student and to make the experience a positive one for him or her.

The mission of the IHM Athletic Commission is to promote the knowledge, growth and development of IHM students and non-affiliates who participate in IHM athletics and physical wellness programs. As part of the youth ministry of the parish, the Committee provides quality programs in specific sports. The Committee also monitors and assesses the impact and interaction of its athletic programs with the school and the larger parish community.

If you have any questions or comments regarding IHM CYO athletics, feel free to contact a member of the Athletic Commission.

Position Chairperson Email
Chairperson Victoria Bratcher (2019-2024) Email
Treasurer Sara Schluge (2023-2026) Email
Secretary Katie McGovern (2022-2025) Email
Boys Athletic Director Alexandra “Alex” Rodman Email
Girls Athletic Director Steve Bourgeois Email
At Large John Bannister (2023-2026) Email
At Large Mark Bower (2021-2024) Email
At Large Ashley Bradburn (2023-2026) Email
At Large Maureen Jordan (2021-2024) Email
At Large Alexandra “Alex” Rodman (2022-2025) Email
Director of Sports Ministry Paula Ryan Email


The Finance Council advises the Pastor and staff on financial and business matters. The Council meets monthly to review the financial statements of the Parish, School and related organizations. The Council also advises the Pastor on the annual budget, investments, facilities and other capital expenditures, and financial internal controls. Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor and must possess expertise that supports its work such as accounting, finance, banking, insurance and business management.

Position Chairperson Email
Chairperson Mike Wessel Email
Finance Member Emily Allison Email
Finance Member Sarah Dunn Email
Finance Member Mark Gargula Email
Finance Member Matt Jones Email
Finance Member Mark Loughery Email
Finance Member Roger Neal Email
Finance Member Brian Sullivan Email
IHM Pastor (Ex-officio, Non-voting Member) Fr. Pat Beidelman Email
IHM Business Manager (Ex-officio, Non-voting Member) Anna Harvey Email

Finance Council Fiscal Year Minutes


The Outreach Commission is a tangible form of service in which IHM parishioners demonstrate dedication to the teachings of Jesus Christ to love and serve Him and others. This commission supports IHM’s mission statement by providing a compassionate ministry of helping others within our parish, and within our local and global communities by providing services and information to those in need of social justice and/or emotional, physical, or financial assistance.

Outreach Commission mission statement: To seek Christ in all persons, answering His call to love others and help those in need.

The Outreach Commission is made up of representatives of each of the IHM outreach ministries. The Commission meets to discuss the good works of each ministry, where they need support, and how the ministries can collaborate and streamline efforts. Meetings are open to any interested parishioner and are held on the second Thursday in alternating months (January, March, May, September, and November) in The Gathering Space or basement conference room at 7:00 pm. Please contact Jane Hellman-Otto  with any questions.

Outreach Chairperson Email
Outreach Chairperson Ed Spahr Email
Advent Giving Tree Jennifer Gause Email
Anna’s House/The Lord’s Pantry Chris Hutson Email
Boulevard Place Food Pantry (School) Pam Barry

Lavanna Hazel



Boulevard Place Food Pantry (Parish) Trinda Metzger Email
Caring Community Mary McClelland Email
Cathedral Soup Kitchen Allison Gardner

Meredith Runke



Commission Chair Scott Lowe Email
Honduras Kathy Martin O’Neil Email
IHM School Outreach Lenore Schmitz Email
IHM Garden Ministry Grace McManus Email
Parish Council Liaison Paula Schaefer-Ruppert Email
Service Saturdays Matt Tuschong Email
St. Anthony’s School/Men’s Group Dave Struhldreher Email
St. Patrick’s Christmas Party Sarah Stelzner Email
St. Vincent DePaul Jane Hellman-Otto Email

Outreach Commission Minutes


The mission of the Parish Council is to help set and execute the vision, strategy and key initiatives for the IHM Parish. We aim to run a seamless governance process including the review and approval of the annual budget, as well as serving as a vehicle to promote dialogue, provide advice, assistance, and service regarding Parish life to the IHM community.  It is critically important that we deliver on this mission in a way that is transparent, inclusive, and in full partnership with the committees, commissions and staff at IHM.

Position Chairperson Email
President George Snyder (2022-2025) Email
Secretary Lee Rhea (2024-2027) Email
At Large John Borgo (2021-2024) Email
At Large Cindy Harkness (2022-2025) Email
At Large Jim Roe (2023-2026) Email
At Large Paula Ruppert (2023-2026) Email
At Large Toni Sander (2021-2024) Email
Non-voting member Jim Elias Email
Business Manager, Non-voting Member Anna Harvey Email
Principal, Non-voting Member Chris Kolakovich Email


Parish Council Minutes


Please click here for Immaculate Heart of Mary PTO information.


Commissions serve as consultative bodies for the Pastor and pastoral staff on matters concerning their respective missions. The Pastor also employs a staff of professionals to carry out and administer Parish functions in furtherance of the Parish mission. These staff members, including the School Administrator (Principal), are supervised by the Pastor.

Education is a core function of Catholic parish life and IHM is blessed to have an outstanding school to carry out that function. The Principal leads a staff of educators, assistants, administrators, and other employees. The Principal and her staff run all day-to-day operations of the school including all decisions related to personnel, financial, educational, marketing, and safety needs.

The School Commission is responsible for establishing and directing policies related to the IHM School, students, and staff, and works closely with the Principal, the Pastor, and other staff members. The Constitution and By-laws of IHM Pastoral Council establish the School Commission’s role in the Parish as follows:

The Commission is a board of limited jurisdiction and the policy-making body in matters related to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School. The Commission is one of several Commissions that, together with the Pastoral Council, share with the Pastor responsibility for the governance of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish

The role of the School Commission consists of four (4) major categories: Planning, Monitoring, Policy Making, and Communicating. Thus, the School Commission establishes plans and sets long term goals and objectives for the School to meet, establishes policies to be implemented by the Principal and her staff, monitors the achievement of goals and the implementation of policies, and communicates the status of these functions to the Pastor, Pastoral Council, Parents, and the Parish at-large.

The School Commission meets in regular monthly meetings from August to July of each school year. School Commission consists of eleven (11) full voting members. Of those eleven members a minimum of seven (7) are elected by the members of IHM, up to three (3) may be appointed by the Pastor, and one (1) is appointed by the Parent Teacher Organization. Members are elected or appointed to three-year rotating terms with the exception of PTO representative who is appointed yearly. Elections for School Commission are held each May for the two to three available positions. In addition, there are two non-voting members on the Commission, the School Administrator (Principal) and the Pastor.

Finance Rep- Mike Wessel

Position Chairperson Email
President Frank Otte (2022-2025) Email
Secretary Krista Roseberry (2021-2024) Email
Member Flo Barnes (2023-2026) Email
Member Emily Campbell (2021-2024) Email
Member Jennifer Cvar (2021-2024) Email
Member David Gilley (2023-2026) Email
Member Jennifer Herrmann (2022-2025) Email
Member Matthew Lord (2022-2025) Email
Member Gabriel Neal (2023-2026) Email
PTO Representative Alissa Cohoat (2023-2024) Email
PTO Representative Stephanie Allen (2023-2024) Email
Senior Advisor Betsy Jeatran (2023-2024) Email
Finance Commission Rep Mike Wessel (2023-2024) Email

School Commission Minutes



The purpose of the Stewardship Commission is to grow the need of our parishioners to generously give a portion of what God has given to them, which in turn helps them grow in their faith and trust in God. This may be in the form of gifts of time, money and experience. The commission assists the pastor in presenting the annual plea for the United Catholic Appeal in the fall and the Parish appeal in the spring. The commission educates the parishioners in ways to give and is developing a planned giving program. The commission oversees the school and parish endowments and looks for ways to increase the endowment which provide perpetual funds, since the principal is never withdrawn. The commission usually meets quarterly.

Position Chairperson Email
Chair   Email
Member   Email


Anyone knowledgeable in keeping buildings safe or knows something about keeping a facility such as IHM up and running, may be interested in this committee. The committee would take an overall view at how we can improve our buildings and grounds so they are safe for everyone on our campus. They would also see what it takes for the upkeep of the buildings so they are standing for years to come.

This committee provides an oversight function and recommends policy guidelines for the use, maintenance, and expansion of all parish facilities. In this role, the Committee reviews proposals for capital expansion prior to submission to the Parish Council, makes recommendations and monitors the eventual work associated with a capital improvement. Programs for periodic and routine maintenance of buildings and the grounds are monitored to assure thoroughness and a timely execution.

If interested please contact Brock Roseberry at 317-753-3884.


The mission of the Faith Formation ministry is to support each parishioner at any point in his or her spiritual journey as well as to offer a channel through which each parishioner can know God.  Faith Formation Commission Elections will be held in the Spring.

Call the parish office if you would like to submit your name as a candidate for the Commission.


Position Chairperson Email
Chair Ellie Dedinsky (2022-2025) Email
Vice-Chair Nicole Masoudi (2020-2023) Email
Member Kara Broady (2022-2025) Email
Member Eva Corsaro (2023-2026) Email
Member Erika O’Brien (2021-2024) Email
Member Kelly Scholz (2022-2025) Email
Member Julie Snider (2022-2025) Email
Member Ute Eble – Director of Religious Education Email
Member Emily Bannister (liaison from Parish Council) Email
Member Matthew Lord (liaison from School Commission) Email


The Liturgy Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and assists with leading, planning and evaluating all aspects of the mass liturgy. The liturgy committee is comprised of the heads of the following subcommittees: Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters/Ushers, the Music Ministry and Art & Environment. The committee oversees all mass components involved in the Sunday liturgies, daily mass, Holy Days of Obligation, Lent, Advent and other special worship services. The group meets quarterly during the year.

Position Chairperson Email
Chair   Email
Member Fr. Pat Beidelman Email
Member Ute Eble Email
Member Karen Winternheimer Email
Member Carl McClelland Email
Member Julie Huffman Email
Member Jeff Huffman Email
Member Danielle Holland Email
Member Chad Mills Email
Member Ellie Dedinsky Email


The Technology Committee will work closely with the school principal and the priest to direct and manage the technology needs of the Parish and school. The Technology Commission is responsible for maintaining and improving the information technology infrastructure of the church and school.