Immaculate Heart of Mary

5692 Central Ave.
Indianapolis, IN  46220
Pastor:  Father Bob Sims,

Administrative Assistant: 257-2266  Kelli Ayres, or Katie Dillon,

Revised:  8/28/17

To:  Couples wishing to get married at Immaculate Heart of Mary

We would like to welcome couples who wish to get married at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and are truly planning a celebration of faith with the understanding of the importance of marriage as a sacrament.

A wedding ceremony is an invitation to your guests to gather for prayer and ritual.  The ceremony is a witness to your promises of love and marriage, and we ask God to bless those promises.  It is appropriate to make the ceremony beautiful, warm, personal and alive.  But try to keep it simple with the emphasis on marriage as a sacrament.  Imagine how powerful your witness to others can be by having a beautiful ceremony with simple elegance.

Throughout this packet you will find specific guidelines for some aspects of the wedding ceremony and general suggestions for others.  Also, upon scheduling your wedding day, I will ask you to fill out two questionnaire forms that will help me get to know each of you better and your history of faith as a Christian.

Best Wishes!
Father Bob Sims and the IHM Staff

Wedding Fee Schedule
Church Fee $250.00
Fr. Bob or Presider Fee $200.00
Wedding Coordinator Fee (does not include fee for musicians) $200.00
Wedding Prep Only $  50.00
A deposit is required at the time of scheduling the wedding date.
All other fees may be paid the week prior to the wedding.
Wedding Guidelines
Miscellaneous Details
Preparation for the Blessing of the Engagement
Covenant between Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish and

Dear IHM Community,

On the front page of the bulletin, people are informed that they need to be active, registered members of IHM before they can set a date to be married here in the parish.

    Specific Guidelines to be married at IHM:

  • Enrolled as parishioner for 6 months
  • Regular attendance at Mass for 6 months
  • Regular tithing/stewardship
  • Exceptions are made for children of active parents

   Specific Guidelines to do marriage prep only:

  • Enrolled as active (see above guidelines) parishioner for 3 months

What’s that all about?  In recent years, it has become common for people to “shop around” for a place to be married.  Criteria includes such things as a long aisle, beautiful stained glass windows, proximity to the “venue” (i.e. reception hall), and a “nice” priest.

Marriage ultimately is not about those things.  It is a sacrament.  The presumption is that at least one person is an active, committed member of the Catholic faith.  If you are to be married in the Church, it is essential to be active in the Church.  Marriage in the Church is not just about a beautiful setting.  It takes place in the context of a commitment to live that faith in the Catholic tradition.

Marriage also takes place in the context of community.  That means involvement in the IHM community.  If we “give out” dates to all who would like to be married at IHM, it would be inconsistent with that concept of community.  It would also limit availability to parishioners who would like to be married in their home church.

That is why we have these guidelines in place at Immaculate Heart.


Fr. Bob Sims