The primary educator of the child is the parent. The more familiar the parent is with the faith, and the more the family engages in the practices and traditions of the faith, the more the child thrives and feels confident in the promises faith offers. 

Here are some limited suggestions. for resources:


  • Good News Bible. A wonderful translation with delightful illustrations
  • Magnifikid a publication by Magnificat for children; call 866-273-5215
  • Look at subscribing to : U.S. Catholic, or America, or Our Sunday Visitor or Catholic New Service
  • Log on to for daily prayer or for The Daily Examen.
  • Subscribe to St. Monica’s Daily Reflection on their website
  • The Nativity illustrated by Julie Vargas
  • A monthly publication called Pockets published by the Upper Room Ministries. (Ages 8-13) or “Living Faith” published by Creative Communications
  • Books on Faith and catechesis through Ministry Resources.


Periodicals such as: U.S. Catholic, America, Commonweal, St. Anthony Messenger, Catholic Trends, Sojourners

  • Make prayer table in your room; you will need a shelf or a table as well as anything that takes you to the most sacred places of your heart: table cloth, something from nature (plant, rock, flower, arrowhead, creek stone, etc), candle, icon, cross, statue, bible or prayer book, a picture of a loved one. Set aside ten to twenty minutes a day just to be still in front of your altar.
  • Create a vision board
  • Seek out Spiritual Direction
  • Look for a good bibliography on spiritual growth or seek out books written by spiritual masters such as Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Paula Rupp, Anthony deMello, Elizabeth Johnson, Kathleen Norris and refer to their bibliographies for other works.
  • Join a book club or start one in your own home


  • The Magnificat, daily reflections on the Word of God or Living Faith (same as above)
  • For daily meditations online try USCCB website, or Harcourt Books, Sacred Space operated by the Irish Christian Brothers, or the Merton institute for Contemplative Living, or Crosswalk, or Jeff Cavins’ daily family meditations.

For continuing education look at the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops online, or the Pew Research Study Group. In particular keep in touch with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development