Join Our Parish

We are a Catholic community…honoring and practicing Catholic traditions…connected to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the universal church…open to a diversity of others.

We are a Worshiping community…worshiping together on Sunday on a regular basis with a rhythm and cycle of season…We are a Baptismal community incorporating and initiating youth and adults into the good news of Jesus. We are a Eucharistic community celebrating the continuing presence of Christ.

We are a Reconciling community…seeking spiritual wholeness and health, repeatedly forgiving one another, and repeatedly seeking to include those who have felt excluded…

We are a community who practices religion at home…creating an atmosphere in our families where there is prayer and religious customs…where religion is talked about…where faith-filled parents insist on the faith practice of their children…where the practice of religion also includes healthy relationships within and without the family.

We are a Learning community…placing a high value on a holistic education in our school…helping children to grow into wholesome human beings with good knowledge of self and the world they live in, as well as having a good knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Catholic tradition…helping adults to develop strength of faith for a life well lived according to the Gospel…Spiritual growth is a priority in the life of the parish.

We are a Moral community…struggling to personally live an ethic of the Gospel of truth, compassion and responsibility…seeking to know what it is that God asks this community to do in order to be the servant Christ calls it to be…a community always seeking to reach beyond itself and its own needs.

Thank you for your interest in Immaculate Heart of Mary.