Policies & Procedures

*COVID 19 IHM SPORTS PARTICIPANT POLICY – This is a checklist for pre-practice/pre-game screening protocol.

*COVID IHM Indoor Sports Protocol 8/30/21



We have an updated policy concerning scheduling the ACTIVITY CENTER (GYM) for non-CYO sport practices and activities. Please utilize the Room Reservation on the IHM website to request use of the facility.


  • CYO sports team practices will ALWAYS have priority with scheduling the Gym over non-CYO sports teams.
  • We will not allow the following non-CYO sports teams to hold practices in the GYM: Baseball, Softball, and Lacrosse.

Upon submitting the request to the Parish office via our online system, you will receive a follow-up email confirmation concerning the status of your request. There will be no practice requests reviewed or granted on weekend days.

If you would like to reserve the gym or have questions, please contact Paula Ryan at [email protected]


The following general regulations pertain to all IHM sports activities such that every participant is treated equally and fairly. Individual coaches may make additional specific team rules to govern participants’ actions during practices, games and CYO sponsored athletic events.

The IHM Athletic Commission hereby adopts the following rules and regulations:

  • The CYO “Code of Ethics” shall apply to all IHM youth sports programs.
  • The CYO “General Eligibility Standards” shall be strictly enforced.
  • All CYO Rules and Regulations for a specific sport shall be strictly enforced.
  • It is expected that IHM teams will take priority over any other concurrent team activities. Absence(s) due to conflicts will not be excused.
  • If a student is absent (attends less than half of the day) from school for illness on the day of practice or game, he/she may not participate in the practice or game.
  • Three (3) unexcused absences from practices or games will, at the coach’s discretion, automatically subject the student to possible dismissal from the team. An “excused” absence is one in which the player (not his/her parent) contacts his/her coach prior to the scheduled event to provide notification of the pending absence. The Head Coach has the discretion to determine whether the absence is “excused” or “unexcused”, and must inform the player of the determination. If a player is absent from school on the day of a scheduled event, the absence is considered an excused absence.
  • Any termination of a player on a team will be approved through the Athletic Director, Coordinator, and Coach.
  • Athletic equipment and uniforms provided to the athlete are to be kept in good condition. Failure to return the equipment or uniform at the end of each season will subject the athlete to suspension from other IHM/CYO sport programs until the equipment or uniform has been returned, or a fine paid, if the equipment or uniform is lost. NO fine shall be greater than the cost of replacement of the article(s).
  • All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are to complete the “CYO Certification Program”.
  • Office of Catholic Schools:  October 2017 Policy on Use of Locker Rooms and Showers


The Athletic Commission states that it should be clear that participation in athletics is not a right but a privilege. Any student who wishes to participate is expected to comply with the responsibility of representing their school. With that in mind, there are types of conduct that will not be tolerated from any athlete at any time throughout the calendar year, on or off the school grounds. The use, consumption, possession, or purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs will cause a 45 day suspension (NO PARTICIPATION, NO TRYOUTS). At the termination of the period of suspension, the suspended student must apply for reinstatement if he/she wishes to again participate in athletics on behalf of IHM. The application for reinstatement will be submitted to the Athletic Commission whereafter the Commission will meet and at which time the student and his/her parents may appear and be heard. A majority vote of the Athletic Commission members present will cause the student to be reinstated.



The Athletic Commission supports the following athlete/parent complaint procedure involving the coach of any sport:

  1. Any athlete or parent shall first discuss their issue with the head coach of the athlete’s team.
  2. If not satisfied with the head coaches’ resolution of the issue, the athlete/parent may bring their issue to the Athletic Coordinator of that sport. The coordinator should listen to each parties’ perspective before addressing the issue with the athlete/parent. The coordinator may also discuss the issue with the Athletic Director before resolving the issue.
  3. If either party is not satisfied with the resolution of the issue by the coordinator, then the issue may be brought to the Athletic Director of the sport. The Athletic Director should consider all parties’ perspective before resolving the issue. The Athletic Director may also discuss the issue with the Athletic Commission before resolving the issue.
  4. If either party is not satisfied with the resolution of the issue by the Athletic Director, then the issue may be brought to the Athletic Commission. The following procedure will be followed:

a. The complaint must be dated in written form (by letter or email) to the president or vice president of the commission. The writing shall state the nature of the complaint.

b. The Athletic Commission shall discuss the matter and may, if necessary, conduct a review of the facts.

c. The Athletic Commission shall inform the pastor of IHM, and if appropriate, the principal of the athlete’s school, and CYO central office of the situation.

d. The Athletic Commission shall resolve the issue by majority vote within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint.






Article 1: Mission Statement –
The mission of the IHM Athletic Commission is to promote the knowledge, growth and development of IHM students and non-affiliates who participate in IHM athletics and physical wellness programs.  As part of the youth ministry of the parish, the Commission provides quality programs in sports recognized by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis CYO.  The Commission also monitors and assesses the impact and interaction of its athletic programs with the school and the larger parish community.

Article 2: Athletic Commission Membership
Section 1.  MEMBERSHIP:  The Athletic Commission (the “Commission”) shall consist of eleven (11) voting members and three (3) non-voting members as follows:

  1. Six (6) voting members, elected by the parish, as set forth in Article 3.  Terms of office for elected members shall be staggered.  Each elected member shall serve one three-year term; except for an elected member who is serving the remainder term of a vacated member, each member shall spend one year off the commission before they can be eligible for a new term.
  2. Three (3) voting members appointed by the Pastor.  Terms of the appointed members shall be staggered so that one (1) appointed member’s term expires annually.Each appointed member shall serve one three-year term and must spend one year off the Commission before they can be considered for a new term.
  3. Two (2) Athletic Directors, who shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Commission members.  Athletic Directors shall be reelected by the Commission every three (3) years; no person shall serve as athletic director for more than six (6) consecutive years.  The Athletic Directors responsibilities shall be split as determined by the Commission.
  4. Three (3) ex-officio non-voting members:  a school commission representative, a faculty representative and the Director of Sports. Ministry.

Terms of members shall begin on July 1st following their election and end on June 30th of the third (3rd) year.

Section 2.  VACANCIES:  Whenever a vacancy shall occur among any member of the Commission, the position shall be filled by the Pastor.  The newly appointed commission member shall serve out the remaining term of the vacating member.  Such newly appointed member shall be eligible to be reelected to a full three (3) year term.

Section 3:  ELIGIBILITY:  Any registered parishioner in good standing or school parent may serve on the Commission.  Provided however, parish employees may not serve as a voting member of the commission.

Article 3: Nomination and Election of Commission Members & Athletic Directors–
Section 1.  PARISH WIDE ELECTED MEMBERS: Nominations and elections for elected positions shall take place in the spring of each calendar year.  Prior to the elections, notice of vacancies shall be publicized (i.e., in School Newsletter, Parish Bulletin and via parish wide email).  The Commission chairperson will work with Pastoral Council nominating committee to ensure individuals are eligible and shall then contact each eligible nominee to acquire biographical information.  Elections are held during weekend Masses on dates designated by the Pastoral Council nominating committee and consistent with Pastoral Council election procedures.

Section 2.  ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Prior to the expiration of a term of either Athletic Director, the Commission shall publish notice of such vacancy in the School Newsletter, Parish Bulletin and via parish wide email prior to the Commission’s established date for choosing an Athletic Director.  The Commission may extend invitations to individuals to submit their names for nomination to fill the Athletic Director position.  At the date established by the Commission, the Commission shall elect, by simple majority of voting commission members, a candidate to fill the Athletic Director position.  Should a vacancy of one of the Athletic Directorships occur before the end of a school year, the Commission may, in the discretion of its members, conduct the above process to fill such unexpected vacancy.

Article 4: Officers
Section 1. ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  The officers of the Commission shall consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer and such other officers as the Commission may elect.  The officers shall be Commission members.  The officers shall be chosen by a simple majority vote of the voting members of the commission members.

Section 2.  TERMS OF OFFICE:  The officers of the Commission shall serve in their offices for a period of one (1) year, starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th (a “Parish Fiscal Year”), or as otherwise designated by the Pastor, and until his or her successor is duly elected.  The officers for each Parish Fiscal Year shall be elected at the Commission’s last meeting in the Parish Fiscal Year preceding the Parish Fiscal Year in which they will hold office.  The vice chairperson shall assume the position of chairperson in the subsequent Parish Fiscal Year, unless he or she is not able to do so.  The officers shall be elected by the Commission in the manner and on the terms, that the Commission shall establish.

Section 3. VACANCIES:  Whenever any vacancies shall occur in any of the offices of the Commission for any reason, the Commission shall follow the election process to fill the vacated position for the remainder of the term of the position.

Article 5: Meetings of the Commission Members
Section 1.  REGULAR MEETINGS:  Regular meetings of the Commission will be held monthly August through May at a date and time to be agreed upon by the Commission.

Section 2. VOTING RIGHTS: Each voting member of the Commission shall have one vote.

Section 3. QUORUM:  Two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum.  A quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of any business by the Commission.  Expectations of Athletic Commission members include regular attendance at monthly meetings to conduct commission business in a timely and effective manner.  Attendance at a rate less than Seventy-Five Percent (75%) of the annually scheduled meetings could result in the Commission member being asked to forfeit their position.  In such an event, the remaining members of the Commission may follow the process for unexpected vacancies identified in Article 2.

Article 6: Powers and Duties of Officers
Section 1. CHAIRPERSON:  Subject to the general control of the Commission members, the chairperson shall manage all the affairs and personnel of the Commission and shall discharge all the usual functions of the office so long as they are not in violation of any archdiocesan or canon law.  He or she will preside at all the meetings of the Commission and shall have other powers and duties as these bylaws or the other Commission members may prescribe.  He or she will represent the Commission as a member of the Pastoral Council and shall represent or assure liaison is maintained with other commissions and specified committees of the Parish.

Section 2.  VICE CHAIRPERSON: The vice chairperson, in the order designated by the Commission, shall have all the powers of, and perform all duties incumbent upon the chairperson during his or her absence or disability and shall have such other powers and duties as these bylaws or other members of the Commission may prescribe.  The vice chairperson shall assume the position of chairperson in the Parish Fiscal Year following the Parish Fiscal Year in which the vice chairperson serves as vice chairperson.

Section 3. SECRETARY: The secretary shall attend all meetings of the Commission, and keep or cause to be kept a true and complete record of the proceedings of such meetings, and he or she shall perform a like duty as required for all standing committees appointed by the Commission.

Section 4.  TREASURER: The treasurer shall be the liaison between the Commission and the Parish regarding the receipts and disbursements of the Commission.  The treasurer shall approve the disbursement of Commission funds and shall make periodic financial reports to the Commission.  The Commission shall recommend an annual budget, in accordance with Archdiocesan policies, for approval by the Pastor.

Article 7: Amendments
Subject to archdiocesan or canon law and these bylaws, the power to make, alter, amend or repeal all or any part of these bylaws is vested in the Commission members.  The affirmative vote of a majority of the Commission members and the concurrence of the pastor is required to amend these bylaws.

April 24, 2019


CYO Athletic Fees Policy:

  • Fees must be paid online. Click here to go to our CYO Registration page.
  • Fees must be paid prior to the first contest of a given sport or an athlete will not be permitted to participate.
  • Fees not paid for a sport will also prohibit an athlete’s participation in a subsequent sport.
  • Fees will not be refunded once an athlete has been notified of a team assignment.
  • No child will be denied participation in CYO sports due to financial hardship. Parents need to reach out to the Athletic Commission Chair or Treasurer to indicate this need exists. These are listed under Athletic Commission on our Leadership page.


Coaching Ministry at IHM

Many volunteers will coach IHM Athletics. We value each individual’s commitment to serve the Parish and his/her ability to serve as a Christian role model to our children. We believe in the Catholic Youth Organization’s mission and support it through our coaching ministry.

CYO MISSION: The CYO is committed to providing a ministry of information that helps bring youth to their full human potential. The CYO provides opportunities for young people to develop strong moral character, self-esteem and leadership qualities through activities of a social, educational, recreational and athletic nature. These activities are spiritual, cultural, social, athletic and educational in nature. The CYO organizes athletic competition in 14 different sports for boys and girls, fourth grade through high school.

Coordinator Selection:  Notice of Vacancy will be published in the parish bulletin and distributed by email blast.  The Athletic Director of the given sport will select a coordinator but before finalizing, shall notify members of the Athletic Commission for review and comment.

Coach Selection: The Athletic Directors (s) will select coaches based on the following criteria:

  • Coaching Statement of Interest: If you are interested in Coaching, please email our Sports Athletic Director with your intent, sport and grade level of interest and your experience.  Emails can be found on our Leadership page.
  • Tenure with IHM Athletics

Coaching Requirements:

Child Safety Contacts and Resources http://www.archindy.org/abuse/index.html



A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, is a disturbance in brain function caused by direct or indirect forces to the head. These forces disrupt normal brain metabolism and function. Signs and symptoms may occur immediately, or can develop hours or days later. A working diagnosis of concussion is any head injury associated with one or more of the symptoms below.


Things noticed by others:  Dazed appearance, vacant stare, confusion, memory loss, answers questions more slowly, balance problem, personality changes.
Symptoms experienced by athletes:  Headaches, dizziness, difficulty focusing, nausea, visual problems, sleep disturbances, irritability, sadness, sensitivity to light.

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