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03/27/2020 - 04/11/2020 All Day

Enjoy this Musical Lent Meditation by Carey and Carol Jean Landry:

"Come To Me" Lent Meditation by Carey and Carol Jean Landry

04/03/2020 - 04/11/2020 All Day

Online Mass & Spiritual Offerings:  We encourage everyone to stay close to the gift of the Mass. While we are not able to receive communion in person, consider a Spiritual Communion. Here are a few Livestream and online mass options:  STREAM ONLINE MASSES An Act of Spiritual Communion: My Jesus, ...

Catholic Resources

04/03/2020 - 04/11/2020 All Day

https://youtu.be/nqB0qJDDXe8 https://youtu.be/Y_nE3E2Gbfw https://youtu.be/zfCe49OA3pg https://youtu.be/w5PLXdrrLVQ

Messages from Fr. Bob

04/05/2020 All Day

https://youtu.be/nqB0qJDDXe8 RAISE YOUR BRANCHES HIGH by Carey Landry

Palm Sunday

04/05/2020 - 04/13/2020 All Day

Statement of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Regarding Holy Week Out of great concern for the health of our people and as it is a celebration of the entire archdiocese and the opportunity for the priests to renew the promises of their ordination in the presence of the archbishop and the...

Statement of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Regarding Holy Week/Easter

04/24/2020 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Vacation Bible School The Vacation Bible School ministry was established over 20 years ago to conduct a one-week Bible school program for children 4 years of age through 4th grade. St. Joan of Arc will be hosting us this year the week of June 8-11th (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00am-Noon. Registration deadline...

Vacation Bible School (VBS) June 8-11

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