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2021 Spirit of IHM Benefit Dinner


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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Spirit of IHM Benefit Dinner, held biannually, recognizes three individuals in the areas of parish, school and athletics, whose extraordinary contributions of time and talent exemplify the spirit of what makes the IHM community unique and vibrant.  This year, our celebration must be virtual, but our collective gratitude to this year’s winners is all the more profound for continuing to serve our parish and school in these challenging times.

This event raises money to support IHM’s Tuition Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to IHM families so they can benefit from a private, Catholic school education.  This Fund is also used as a potential source of tuition assistance for parishioner families who have special circumstances arise.  This year, ensuring the availability of Tuition Assistance Funding is all the more important, and we ask for your support by donating through the link below or by mailing a check to the Parish Office with Spirit of IHM noted in the memo line.

We are thrilled to recognize our 2021 Spirit of IHM Winners:

Parish: Karen Winternheimer
School: Shelley Shinabarger
Athletics: Christine and Bryon Konvolinka

Enjoy watching the video celebrating our Spirit of IHM honorees and celebrate virtually with us throughout the month of April, as we recognize our honorees and raise money for the Tuition Assistance Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Claire Becker (Claireotte@hotmail.com or 317-506-4777).  Thank you to our event partners Artistic Awards, Mike Jansen/ Praxis Media, and Mama Carolla’s.


Christine and Bryon Konvolinka have been involved in our community and IHM Athletics since they became IHM parishioners in 1994.  Christine and Bryon began as Girls’ Cadet Volleyball coaches, which they did together for 9 years from 1994-2003.  Nine years ago in 2013, Christine started the Boys Volleyball 5-8th grade program as a IHM / St. Thomas program (and in the early years of the program St. Joan of Arc players as well).   She happily still serves as the coordinator of the sport and coaches the teams.  Bryon often is there helping at a practice or games keeping the score book.  Bryon coached the 34 Football team for 10 seasons from 2010-2019, teaching important fundamentals to scores of new football players and making sure football was fun!    Bryon was the Activity Center coordinator/scheduler for 1 year in 2013.  He served on the Athletic Commission from 2011-2014 and the Athletic Commission President in 2014. Their dedication to the youth of IHM has extended well beyond their own children’s IHM Athletic careers, and the youth of our parish have been lucky to be coached by Bryon and Christine Konvolinka.



Karen Winternheimer has been a part of the IHM community for the past 30 years. She is an instrumental part of the parish office but her work for our community extends past the normal workday. One of the many ways she shows her love for our parish is through all the beautiful homemade banners, decorations, and flower arrangements both inside and out of the church. She is tirelessly working in the background to help keep things running smoothly, helping to set up for the next parish event or clean up after Christmas mass so that sports teams have a place to practice. Through the years she has taken a leadership role in many programs that benefit students and families in the school and parish community such as market day, used uniform swap, and has even served as a crossing guard on College Ave. Karen is very deserving of this award, she is an all-in, hands on, dependable self-less worker. Her contributions truly help make IHM the vibrant and unique community that it is today!



Shelley Shinabarger has served our IHM school for 18 years. She has been instrumental in starting, setting up, leading, and teaching the technology program at IHM. Shelley plays a vital role in making IHM a unique and vibrant school. She selflessly dedicates her time to making the yearbook a reality and is in charge of the robotics team at IHM. She always goes the extra mile to meet the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. She has an outstanding ability to teach and she shares her incredible love of teaching with the students. During the Covid-19 pandemic she has been an essential part in installing and operating the virtual learning curriculum. Shelley’s leadership is one of the reasons IHM is an amazing Blue Ribbon School.


Spirit of IHM’s Past Award Recipients 

Spirit of IHM Honorees

Parish: Glenn and Cindy Harkness
School: Molly Noble
Athletics: Carmen Teed

Parish:  Scott Lowe
School:  Richard Foran
Athletics:  Jack Mees

Parish: Carl & Mary McClelland
School: Diane Flora
Athletics: Patty Koors

Parish:  Donna Rose Hurrle Nunley
School: Ginny Forbes
Athletics:  George Dury

Parish:  Gary Ahlrichs
School:  Ann Moreau
Athletics:  Gail Lowry

Parish:  Ellen Healey
School:  Maureen Sippel
Athletics: Jerry Jones

Parish/School: Jeanine Vesper
School: Lana Cochran
Athletics: Jack Vannice