Online Giving – EFT

IHM encourages the use of Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) for all contributions. Below is information on using EFT.

If you want to use EFT for your weekly, monthly, holiday, or annual contributions, please complete an EFT form (EFT forms are located in the parish office and at the front and back entrances of the church).




Call the parish office at 317-257-2266 if you need help signing up for EFT or if you currently contribute via EFT and you would like to change the amount you contribute.

In order to be eligible for the Parishioner Tuition rate please read the document below:

Active Parishioner Guidelines for School Families



Let us rejoice in this good news – We are STILL the Body of Christ.  Even when we are isolated at home or hidden behind masks, we are still bound together as God’s people.  Our prayer unites us in a wonderful hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Today, so many of us are saying that our faith is getting us through our fear, worry and uncertainty.  But what are we doing to make sure that faith is still vibrant tomorrow? 

  • Are we finding more time for prayer or considering new ways to pray?
  • Are we supporting Catholic education – whether here in our parish or in one of the poorer areas of our Archdiocese?
  • Are we contributing to the formation of new and faithful priests at our seminary?
  • Are we looking for ways to offer our time and talents to the service of one another?
  • Are we offering a little more financial support for the many more who are facing financial loss, hunger, and joblessness currently?

Each of us has a unique gift to give.  Let us give it now!  Let us not delay, because the need for hope is great both now and for tomorrow.

Please give prayerful consideration to this request.  Remember that our hope for tomorrow comes from the gifts we put in God’s hands today.  No gift is too small in the hands of Christ. Jesus acts through us because we are the Body of Christ here on earth.  May God bless your good and kind generosity!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Fall 2020
Parish Goal $129,962
Amount Pledged $67,590
% of Goal 52%
Total $’s Received $41,710
Parish Households 878
# of Pledges 126
Parish Participation 14%
Archdiocesan Support
UCA Goal necessary to support ministry needs $6.3 M
Dollars raised to date $4,437,758
% of goal achieved 70%
# of pledges 10,130
% of participation (from the nearly 63,651 households in the archdiocese) 16%
Archdiocesan UCA Participation Goal for 2020-21 25%