The mission of the Faith Formation ministry is to support each parishioner at any point in his or her spiritual journey as well as to offer a channel through which each parishioner can know God.

Faith Formation Commission Elections will be held in the Spring. 
Elections of new committee members will be held in the Spring. Call the parish office if you would like to submit your name as a candidate for the Commission.


A View from the Ministry Summit held in December 2015:

At the summit a group of over 30 IHM members in attendance explored the topic of hospitality. Here are some ideas you could try this week!

1. Ask exploratory questions in the pew at the beginning of Mass, instead of only exchanging names. Aim for connection rather than just getting it over with! Follow up with new people you meet.

2. Be aware of visitors. Try to anticipate what they need to make them feel more at home. Think of the last time you were at a church other than IHM, with different customs or maybe even a totally different service. What would have helped you to feel more at ease?

3. Invite someone to Ash Wednesday movie/soup supper. Personal invitation is a most effective tool to getting new faces in the doors.

4. Sit somewhere new. Repositioning yourself offers the opportunity to shift your perspective and meet someone new.

5. Explain about the option to receive a blessing at Communion to any non-Catholic visitors you meet. People like to be included and Communion can be awkward for visitors. Take a moment to explain that they can go forward and cross their arms over their heart to receive a blessing at communion.

6. Make it a personal crusade to meet all your neighbors and invite them to IHM this year. It is easy to invite people to IHM, there are so many events going on!  Ash Wednesday Soup Supper and the Fish Fry are coming up, Trivia Night, Eighth Grade Spaghetti dinner, Mary’s Way, Holy Spirit in Song in May, Outdoor Mass, Fall Festival! AND SO MANY MORE! Let’s share our awesome community through intentional invitations