This group was founded in 2000 after the renovation of the church. Volunteers are on a rotating basis to do a light cleaning of the Church between the School Mass and the Saturday evening Mass (i.e. change Holy Water, organize prayer books, and pick up trash).  Contact Vicki Christ if you would like to be connected with one of the groups.  Each group volunteers to clean for one month each year, once a week, so a total of four times a year.  Currently, volunteers include older people, younger people, groups of friends, and even married couples!  This is a great “behind the scenes” way to be involved (it takes about 60 minutes) and is much appreciated by the entire parish.  If you grew up with a mom who cleaned the church – with you sometimes “tagging along” – then this ministry is a great way to carry on that tradition, and a great way to get involved and serve your parish! Vicki Christ (317) 413-7800.