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This weekly piece is designed to support the two goals of the IHM Outreach Commission.  Those goals are to:

  1. Increase IHM engagement in Outreach – making better use of IHM’s many gifts to help those in need
  2. Increased awareness at IHM in the principles of more effective and lasting Outreach, and begin using these principles to evaluate and enhance our Outreach efforts over time.

We hope you follow this section weekly and learn with us about doing more impactful outreach.  This web site lists many parish Outreach initiatives that could use your help.  Please contact the listed ministry head or Scott Lowe to find out how you can help.

Week 123:  Coming Soon: Outreach page in Bulletin

Week 122:  Learning Points from CTS Conference (Part 2)

Week 121:  Learning Points from CTS Conference (Part 1)

Week 120:  CICF Podcast on Migrants

Week 119:  Thanks and Godspeed to Tim Hahn

Week 118:  IHM Joins St. Patrick’s Spring Project

Week 117:  New Data on Evictions

Week 116:  Volunteering Service for Seniors

Week 115:  New Tax Law Expected to Impact Charitable Giving

Week 114:  Central Indiana Community Foundation (CIFC) – Part II

Week 113:  Central Indiana Community Foundation (CIFC) – Part I

Week 112:  IHM Outreach Grants

Week 111:  Criterion Editorial – “We Need More Immigrants

Week 110:  Outreach Ministries sponsoring Coffee and Donuts

Week 109:  Pastoral Letter by Archbishop Thompson

Week 108:  Upcoming Immigrant Welcome Center Program

Week 107:  Ash Wednesday – Have Soup with a Graduate!

Week 106:  Legislative issues with ICC engagement

Week 105:  The Indiana Catholic Conference (ICC)

Week 104:  IHM Outreach for Smaller Children

Week 103:  SVDP Changing Lives Forever Graduation

Week 102:  IHM Outreach Highlights from 2017

Week 101:  Catholic Church begins “Share the Journey”

Week 100:  Holiday Service Opportunities

Week 99:  The Faith and Action Project at CTS (Part 4)

Week 98:  The Faith and Action Project at CTS (Part 3)

Week 97:  The Faith and Action Project at CTS (Part 2)

Week 96:  The Faith and Action Project at CTS (Part 1)

Week 95:  Well Deserved Thanks!

Week 94:  Outlets for IHM Outreach Information

Week 93:  Services Available to IHM People in Need

Week 92:  Upcoming Christian Theological Seminary Event on Poverty

Week 91:  Current IHM Outreach Needs

Week 90:  Come to the IHM Ministry Fair October 28 & 29!

Week 89:  Illumination: Important to Outreach

Week 88:  STEM as a Path Out of Poverty

Week 87:  Outreach Response to Parish Survey

Week 86:  Outreach Envelope Clarification

Week 85:  Help a Young Person at St. Anthony School

Week 84:  Moving toward Cross-Cultural Understanding

Week 83:  Inspiring Quotes from Anna’s House Event

Week 82:  Checkout the new Outreach TV

Week 81:  What happens to your IHM Outreach donations?

Week 80:  Impacts of Early Childhood Education

Week 79:  Where Can I Donate?…

Week 78:  Poverty is Just Down the Street

Week 77:  U.S. Bishops on Healthcare Reform

Week 76:  Another Alternative View on the Minimum Wage

Week 75:  More on the Minimum Wage

Week 74:  Engagement is Critical to Lasting Change

Week 73:  Grow your faith and remember Lucious

Week 72:  End of Year Report from IHM Men’s Group

Week 71:  Refugee and Immigrant Services

Week 70:  IIWF’s 17 Reasons to Raise Indiana’s Minimum Wage

Week 69:  Information on IHM Outreach on the parish website

Week 68:  Indiana Catholic Conference Statehouse report

Week 67:  2017 Hunger Report

Week 66:  IHM Community Garden Ministry

Week 65:  Bread for the World

Week 64:  2017 Kids Count Report

Week 63:  The Indiana Catholic Conference

Week 62:  Pathway to Economic Security

Week 61: Self-sufficiency Income

Week 60:  The Four Categories of Volunteering

Week 59:  Unacceptable Facts about Poverty in Indy and in Indiana

Week 58:  Friends of Honduran Children (Part 2)

Week 57:  Friends of Honduran Children (Part 1)

Week 56:  Learning from Fr. Joe Gosselin (Part 2)

Week 55:  Learning from Fr. Joe Gosselin (Part 1)

Week 54:  Respect Life Ministry

Week 53:  A Christmas Thank You from St. Anthony Parish and School

Week 52:  Anna’s House – How Can You Help?

Week 51:  Thoughts from Saint Mother Teresa

Week 50:  Cathedral Soup Kitchen – An Indy Outreach Tradition

Week 49:  Outreach to Seniors – Caring Community

Week 48:  Bring Comfort to Others…and to Yourself – IHM’s Knitting Ministry

Week 47:  IHM’s Honduras Mission Celebrates 16 Years of Serving Sister Maria Rosa’s Children

Week 46:  What is “IHM Outreach”?

Week 45:  Indianapolis Area Refugee Services

Week 44:  Building Bridges Not Walls

Week 43:  The Immigrant Welcome Center

Week 42:  Indianapolis – A City of Immigrants

Week 41:  The Indianapolis Latino Community

Week 40:  The Church’s view on Immigration (Part 2)

Week 39:  The Church’s view on Immigration (Part 1)

Week 38:  November 20th program to continue discussion on migrant people and immigration

Week 37:  What does public transportation have to do with Outreach?  Part 2

Week 36:  What does public transportation have to do with Outreach?

Week 35:  Public Discussion to kick off new initiative to fight poverty in Indy

Week 34:  A real plan to fight world hunger, with career opportunities

Week 33:  Summary of Poverty at the Crossroads (Part 4)

Week 32:  Summary of Poverty at the Crossroads (Part 3)

Week 31:  Summary of Poverty at the Crossroads (Part 2)

Week 30:  Summary of Poverty at the Crossroads (Part 1)

Week 29:  What do you know about the Haughville Community?

Week 28:  New Outreach Office and Officers

Week 27:  IHM Men’s Group Completes 15th Year at St. Anthony

Week 26:  Spiritual Retreat Offered for the Poor

Week 24 & 25:  Indiana Counties with most and least poverty

Week 23:  “Convenient” Service Opportunities

Week 22:  Volunteering Service for Seniors

Week 21:  Boulevard is the “Neighborhood” Food Pantry #2

Week 20:  Boulevard is the “Neighborhood” Food Pantry  #1

Week 19:  More Outreach learning from Sister Sharon

Week 18:  Hunger in small children and “stunting”

Week 17:  Outreach Inspiration…in a small box

Week 16:  2016 Report of Child Well-Being in Indiana

Week 15:  Common Barriers to Economic Stability

Week 14:  Try an Outreach Project for your CRHP or MOMS Reunion

Week 13:  Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Week 12:  Rolheiser:  Commitment to Social Justice a “non-negotiable”

Week 11:  Outreach at IHM School

Week 10:  Giving by American Christians

Week 9:  An opportunity for improved understanding

Week 8:  Outside the U.S., malaria still impacting millions

Week 7:  Make Outreach appropriate for the situation

Week 6:  Where Can I Donate…?

Week 5:  Immigration and Christian Theology  Please join us after Ash Wednesday Mass on February 10, 2016 as we explore more deeply the topic of migrant people and theology at our soup supper and film presentation.

Week 4:  Effective Outreach = Relationships

Week 3:  St. Vincent de Paul

Week 2:  Resources for effective Outreach

Week 1:  How important is outreach to our Faith?