stanthonyschoolThe service/outreach ministry of the IHM Men’s Group has been involved with St. Anthony’s Catholic Grade School since 2001. The school is located on the near west side of Indianapolis. We provide mentors, tutors, class delegates and chaperones as well as maintenance and financial support.

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History of the relationship between the IHM Men’s Group and St Anthony Catholic School.

While trying to restart the IHM men’s group in 2000 we felt it was necessary to have an outreach program to give us a meaningful purpose. So we approached the principal of what was then called All Saints Catholic School, which was one of the Center City Catholic grade schools, to see if they could use some help from our Men’s Group. Her first comment was “my prayers have been answered”. From that initial meeting we have formed a very meaningful relationship based on their initial “Mission Statement”, to have successful Christian men walking thru the front door. For the first four years of our involvement the school was called All Saints Catholic School and was made up of children from St. Anthony, Holy Trinity and St. Joseph parishes.  Because of a lot of structural issues and operating cost the school was moved to St. Anthony parish  and  we have continued to support this school for the past fourteen years; in such ways as supplying tutors, mentors, chaperones, fund raising, enrichment programs and  maintenance projects, just  to name a few.

This photo (filled back packs with school supplies) is just an example of one of the projects that IHM has helped with this current school year.

This photo (filled back packs with school supplies) is just an example of one of the projects that IHM has helped with this current school year.

In 2010 the Archdiocese decided to convert this school to a Charter School under the name of Padua Academy, drawing children from St. Anthony and Holy Trinity parishes. After this decision we met with the principal (Cindy Greer) & Pastor (Fr. John McCaslin).The first thing they said was “I hope the men of IHM will still be working with us”. We did continue the relationship and support.

Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the school has returned to being an Archdiocese school with the name St. Anthony. The school is made up of 90 plus percent Catholic children from the St Anthony/Holy Trinity neighborhood.  The families are made up of over 90 percent Hispanics trying to educate their children, while living under extreme poverty conditions. Bottom line is we will still try and meet our initial mission that is to have “successful Christian male role models, walking thru the front door, trying to raise expectation levels and letting the children know that someone cares for their well-being.” We continue to support Fr John McCaslin’s vision both for the school and the neighborhood of St. Anthony and Holy Trinity.

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Directions and Mapquest 
St. Anthony Catholic School
349 N Warman Ave
Indianapolis IN 46222

The school is located on Warman Ave (North of Washington St) between Washington and Michigan Ave.
Heading west from downtown, Warman is about two miles from the Zoo.