The mission of the Community Garden is to celebrate the spirituality of gardening while generating quality produce for, and fellowship with, those in need. If you have any questions, you can email Jennifer Gause or Lori Wheeler at

Community Garden8

Ministry Overview

The garden is located around the Shrine of Mary and behind Father Bob’s house on parish grounds.






Gardening Timeline:  Planting day is usually the last week of April or first weekend in May.  The garden around the Shrine of Mary is cleaned up the first or second weekend of September in preparation for IHM’s outside Mass (second Sunday in September). The garden behind Father Bob’s House is cleaned up in October.

Commitment: Volunteers of all ages and gardening knowledge are needed during the growing season to plant, weed, water and harvest.  All volunteers are invited to help on planting day and clean up days.  Most group’s meet from 9 to 11 am on Saturday mornings.  A fifth group consists of members who are available to water the garden during the week.

Leadership:  The co-chairs for the garden committee start planning in February.  They reach out to several organizations to identify areas of greatest need within close proximity to the parish.The co-chairs have other planning meetings, as well as periodic meetings during the growing season to discuss crop management.  A point person oversees the crop management from week to week, checks on the garden in between weekends, assesses watering needs, serves as a resource to the weekend coordinators and often guides the overall work load.

Resources:  John Platt, parishioner and devoted supporter of IHM garden, and owner of Perennials Plus in Westfield, generously donates plants and seedlings to the garden each season. The garden committee hosts a “Tomato and Herb Sale” the first weekend in May.  First, the plants are selected for the garden and the rest are sold at the sale.  The proceeds from the sale help fund the needs of the garden.  Donations are also accepted at this time.

Collaboration:  This ministry actively seeks collaborations with other IHM ministries.

Communication:  Lori Wheeler is in charge of communication and organization of the volunteers. She can be contacted at

Join us, get your hands dirty and reap incredible rewards while taking part in this wonderful ministry of fellowship.

Tithe Your Tomatoes

If you have extra produce from your home gardens, please consider donating them to the community garden. Please drop off any donated produce at the Shrine of Mary before 9:30 AM on Saturdays in the months of June through October.

Thank you for your support!