The Outreach Commission is a tangible form of service in which IHM parishioners demonstrate dedication to the teachings of Jesus Christ to love and serve Him and others.  This commission supports IHM’s mission statement by providing a compassionate ministry of helping others within our parish, and within our local and global communities by providing services and information to those in need of social justice and/or emotional, physical, or financial assistance.

Outreach Commission mission statement: To seek Christ in all persons, answering His call to love others and help those in need.

The Outreach Commission is made up of representatives of each of the IHM outreach ministries. The Commission meets to discuss the good works of each ministry, where they need support, and how the ministries can collaborate and streamline efforts.  Meetings are open to any interested parishioner.  Meetings are held on the second Thursday in alternating months (January, March, May, September, and November) in The Gathering Space or basement conference room at 7:00 pm.   Please contact Scott Lowe at with any questions.