High School Upcoming Dates

September 02, 2016 UncategorizedYouth Ministry News


September 8—Mass at Bishop Chatard & Lunch Visit

September 15—Lunch Visit at Cathedral

October 4—Right to Life of Indianapolis, 34th Annual Celebrate Life Dinner / Room for 6 Students to join us at the Sagamore Ballroom of the Convention Center to enjoy dinner and guest speaker Sue Ellen Browder.

October 9, 10, & 11—IHM Parish Mission. Come by for an evening of reflection with fellowship following. Confirmation teens will be attending on the 9th.

October 15 – 16—North Deanery High School Retreat – CYO Camp, Brown County. Focused on Non-Catholic School teens, but ALL are welcome! A Fall weekend in Brown County learning about your faith, how to live it, food & friends.

October 16—Confirmation Parent/Candidate First Class – 6:30 – 8:30 pm in Church.

November 6—ICYC (Indiana Catholic Youth Conference) – 1 day conference for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis teens to gather, pray, meet new people, hang out at Thematic Park, and grow in faith. At Fairgrounds this year do to expected attendance.

If interested in any of these events, call Joan at 257-2266 or email her at ihmym@yahoo.com. Fliers will be out soon on the Youth Board in the IHM Church.

Joan Lile, Youth Minister 317-257-2266 ihmym@yahoo.com Website: www.ihmindy.org Facebook: IHMindyYM