New IHM Parking Lot Layout

September 28, 2020
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09/28/2020 - 09/30/2020
12:00 am

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New Campus Parking Layout 

With safety at the forefront, we are also excited to have completed a number of projects on the IHM campus grounds. New vehicular and pedestrian gates have been installed on Washington, 57th, and Central next to the Welcome Center. A 2019 Fall Fest Fund-a-Need project, these new gates not only fit into the contextual aesthetic of the IHM campus but replace existing gates that were failing and that did not provide the necessary security that’s needed on campus. The gates will be automated and will operate and open based on the various functions on campus throughout the year.

In tandem with the new gates, the parking lot has been resurfaced and re-striped. Please note that this comes with a change to the vehicular flow in and out of the parking lot. Patrons will now ENTER one-way into the parking lot off of Washington Street and EXIT one-way onto 57th Street. This one-way flow was created to help improve the safety of drivers and patrons navigating the grounds. We have limited space which is not conducive to two-way vehicular flow. The parking lot now includes directional arrows indicating the internal one-way flow used to find a parking spot as well as two additional handicap spaces on both the west and east ends of the lot. All of the various lines for kickball, four square, basketball, etc. have also been added back as well. We also added new pedestrian striping along the south edge of the gym to give students a safe path to travel on when the vehicular gates are open. This new layout was created in collaboration with the Facilities Committee, Parish staff, School Commission, and the Safety Commission with student and patron safety as the focus and for intuitive and smooth vehicular flow in and out of campus.


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