In accordance with the policies and regulations of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and the IHM Athletic Commission, the goal of the IHM/CYO athletic program is to provide the opportunity for athletic competition to every interested student and to make the experience a positive one for him or her.

The mission of the IHM Athletic Commission is to promote the knowledge, growth and development of IHM students and non-affiliates who participate in IHM athletics and physical wellness programs. As part of the youth ministry of the parish, the Committee provides quality programs in specific sports. The Committee also monitors and assesses the impact and interaction of its athletic programs with the school and the larger parish community.

If you have any questions or comments regarding IHM CYO athletics, feel free to contact a member of the Athletic Commission.

Liz PerryChairman
Tim McNelisVice Chair
Carmen TeedTreasurer
Andrew KarazimSecretary

Boys AD           Tony Annee
Girls AD           Chris Zale
At Large           David Guntz
At Large           Tom Mariani
At Large           Paula Ryan