Commissions serve as consultative bodies for the Pastor and pastoral staff on matters concerning their respective missions.  The Pastor also employs a staff of professionals to carry out and administer Parish functions in furtherance of the Parish mission.  These staff members, including the School Administrator (Principal), are supervised by the Pastor.

Education is a core function of Catholic parish life and IHM is blessed to have an outstanding school to carry out that function.  The Principal leads a staff of educators, assistants, administrators, and other employees.  The Principal and her staff run all day-to-day operations of the school including all decisions related to personnel, financial, educational, marketing, and safety needs.

The School Commission is responsible for establishing and directing policies related to the IHM School, students, and staff, and works closely with the Principal, the Pastor, and other staff members.  The Constitution and By-laws of IHM Pastoral Council establish the School Commission’s role in the Parish as follows:

The Commission is a board of limited jurisdiction and the policy-making body in matters related to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School.  The Commission is one of several Commissions that, together with the Pastoral Council, share with the Pastor responsibility for the governance of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

The role of the School Commission consists of four (4) major categories: Planning, Monitoring, Policy Making, and Communicating.  Thus, the School Commission establishes plans and sets long term goals and objectives for the School to meet, establishes policies to be implemented by the Principal and her staff, monitors the achievement of goals and the implementation of policies, and communicates the status of these functions to the Pastor, Pastoral Council, Parents, and the Parish at-large.

The School Commission meets in regular monthly meetings from August to July of each school year.  School Commission consists of eleven (11) full voting members.  Of those eleven members a minimum of seven (7) are elected by the members of IHM, up to three (3) may be appointed by the Pastor, and one (1) is appointed by the Parent Teacher Organization.  Members are elected or appointed to three-year rotating terms with the exception of PTO representative who is appointed yearly.  Elections for School Commission are held each May for the two to three available positions.  In addition, there are two non-voting members on the Commission, the School Administrator (Principal) and the Pastor.