Volunteers are needed to fill open Commission positions for spring elections every year.  Please view opportunities and descriptions from current year: NEXT ELECTION SPRING 2018

Jarod Brown President jarod@thirdstreetventures.com
TBD President-Elect
TBD Secretary
Ellen Healey  At Large ewhealey2@gmail.com
Suzanne Jannetta  At Large suzannejannetta@gmail.com
Eric Monesmith At Large emonesmith@orthoindy.com
Mike Ruppert  At Large mruppert@randsfamilylaw.com
Tim McNelis Athletics Commission 317-253-2182 tmcnelis@indianasb.com
Andy Sahm Facilities Commission  317-432-4814 andysahm@yahoo.com
Lori Bisser Family Life & Faith Formation Commission 317-755-6625 lbisser@me.com
Jim Elias Finance Commission 317-439-9187 jimelias1@gmail.com
Paul Ainslie Outreach Commission 317-257-7196 pjainslie@gmail.com
Adriana Ratterman School Commission 317-371-3124 amratterman@dow.com
Steve Robinson Stewardship Commission 317-966-8269 srobinson@rwylaw.com
Prescott Sanders Technology Commission 317-366-6283 jprescottsanders@gmail.com