As companions on the sacred journey, it is the mission of the FLFFC to:

  • Support each parishioner at any point on his or her faith journey
  • Offer channels through which each parishioner can know God
  • Provide opportunities for parishioners to celebrate spiritual milestones together
  • Encourage parishioners to minister to one another in Christ’s unconditional love
 Lori Bisser,  Co-Chair
Molly Milton,  Co-Chair
Sister Cathy Campbell
Mary Claire Chapman
Mary Dougherty
Barbara Kowich
Beth Leonard
Abbey Rieck
Meredith Shepherd
 Heather O’Brien
 Brent Lee
 Cindy Harkness
Teresa Paul  (School Commission)
 Jack Kondrath  (Liturgy Committee)
 Kyle Murphy  (Youth Ministry)
 Scott Lowe  (Outreach Commission)