Volunteers are needed to fill open Commission positions for spring elections every year.  Please view opportunities and descriptions from current year: NEXT ELECTION SPRING 2018

Joel O’Brien President joel@printingpartners.net
Doug Rammel President-Elect doug.rammel@abstractrv.com
Scott Bearby Secretary  bearbyfamily@mac.com
Barb Kowich  At Large barbara_kowich@att.net
Sarah Stelzner  At Large sstelzne@iu.edu
Eric Riegner At Large eriegner@fbtlaw.com
Jarod Brown  At Large  jbrown@dblaw.us
Jennifer Kappes-Belcher Outreach Commission 566-8494 jenniferkappes@gmail.com
Maggie Denari Family Life & Faith  maggiedenari@me.com
Aaron Schamp Finance Commission 283-2967 aaron.j.schamp@us.pwc.com
Myra Mariani School Commission  mmariani5671@gmail.com
Chris Lefebvre Athletics Commission  cglefebvre@yahoo.com
Steve Robinson Stewardship Commission srobinson@rwylaw.com